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Cabinets and enclosures from Bopla
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Bopla adapts cabinets and enclosures according to your individual specifications!

For many years, the production of specially designed enclosures and components using various materials and processing methods has been part of Boplas range of services and products. In addition, and on request, Bopla produce prototypes for error analysis and very small series for field tests. The choice of production process depends largely on the type and use of your cabinet and on the batch size. Bopla can produce prototypes quickly and at low cost, but making a special injection or casting tool is only worth for large quantities.


Proper production process

When you choose the right production process, the type and use of the cabinets, as well as the series play important roles. The plastic injection molding system provides great design freedom. The use of different surfaces can create eye-catching designs such as a polished logo. Die-cast cabinets are ideal for use in harsh environments - the robustness of the material ensures that they stand out, and the material itself also creates a special first-class impression for the user.

Profile enclosures are used when good heat dissipation and length variation are required. Individual cabinet sizes can be made simply by cutting the profiles to the desired length. There is also a solution when smaller quantities are needed. Individual cabinets can be produced using punching and bending technology - quickly, efficiently and often without investment costs. A wide range of materials is available, from aluminum to stainless steel. In addition, almost all surface designs are possible.

Bocube Alu S – screws, not hinges

The new Bocube Alu S models without hinges are particularly recommended for tight installation situations that do not offer enough space for the lid to swing open areas of application in which the enclosure is exposed to extremely high vibration loads

Bocube Alu S convinces with the following features:

Four cover screws replace the hinge, making the new enclosure series predestined for particularly mechanically demanding applications. Of course, Bocube Alu S also complies with the usual protection classes of IP66 / 68 (1.2m; 2h) / 69 found in the standard series. An optional silicone cover seal is suitable for use even under extreme temperature conditions. In addition to the variants in the standard light grey and graphite grey colours, special colours can also be provided on request



The closure options of Bocube Alu at a glance:


Bocube Alu S in use:


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