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Phone: (+47) 40 30 33 33


Address: Sofiemyrveien 4, N-1412 Sofiemyr


Borge from Emt4u

Børge Espolin Johnson

Managing Director Etm4u 
+47 905 90 810
Petter from Etm4u

Petter Sagberg

Sales Engineer Etm4u 
+47 924 85 111
Havar from Etm4u

Håvar Menken

Sales Engineer Etm4u
+47 901 09 640
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About ETM4U

Etm4u is a Norwegian company founded in 2017. We have long term experience from the European electronics business, equipped with a variety of skills.

Etm4u has already made a strong mark in the Nordic Electronics market with the goal to expand even further. We are specialized in the areas enclosures, measurement, tools and general electronics. We work closely together with our suppliers and customers to create longterm relationships.

We offer qualified technical and cost efficient solutions for our customers.

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