elneos five

elneos five


The most innovative electronic device system elneos® five from erfi

The electronic device system elneos five is characterized by the 5-finger multi-touch gesture function and the 5 device groups regulating power supplies, digital multimeters, power energy meters, function generators and arbitrary generators.Up to 7 devices can be installed in the control center of elneos five plus an additional 8 slots.4 devices are docked left and right. So up to 32 devices are controlled simultaneously. The continuous glass front of the elneos five is equipped with capacitive technology. It is highly stable, scratch-resistant and vandal-proof. The visionary capacitive technology together with the device combination and the modularity of the elneos five are outstanding in metrology.


Multi-touch gestures

Numerous advantages speak for this new operating philosophy. The entire front of the device is designed as a capacitive glass touch sensor and thus not exposed to mechanical wear. The brilliant 7" multi-touch color display is controlled by gestures with up to 5 fingers.

1-finger gesture: device change Wipe and tap
2-finger gesture: zooming, scrolling, etc.
3-finger gesture: display of all devices at a glance
4-finger gesture: Activate the Safe Guard function
5-finger gesture: activate continuous measurement

Incorrect operations are avoided because unintentional touching e.g. with the palm of your hand is interpreted as an incorrect input. The 3D wheel in the glass also enables blind operation. Color-illuminated, capacitive sensor buttons ensure optimum user guidance.

Connection sockets with RGB ring illumination

Ring-lit safety laboratory and BNC sockets for optimum user guidance and easy contacting. Depending on the function, the RGB LEDs light up in red, blue or white.

The colored coding of the sockets guides the user to the correct connection. This guarantees a very high contact security and connection errors are excluded. Depending on the jack, the rings will flash white, red or blue when requested to make contact. The sockets light up permanently when e.g. Electricity flows. This display characteristic is an active contribution to safety and an invention of erfi. The safety lab sockets are flush-mounted and are on the same level as the special glass surface.

The Lighting

High performance devices

The elneos five devices can be operated in 3 different modes. In single-mode operation with only one device function, in multi-mode operation and in multi-expand mode operation with 19" auxiliary bays. Thus, we offer a very high flexibility for working in modern laboratory operation.

elneos® five offers:
- Precision regulated power supply with square wave generator
- Graphical power arbitrary generator
- Precision digital multimeter
- Power and energy meter
- Function generator incl. Counter
- Fast signal arbitrary generator