Fibox. Make difficult easy ®

Fibox is the pioneer in the manufacture of enclosures and cabinets. Dea's enclosures made of polycarbonate are potential competitors to enclosures made of aluminium, sheet steel or stainless steel as well as other materials for enclosures and cabinets. Fibox polycarbonate enclosures are IP and IK rated (check individual model to see rating) and are weatherproof in all conditions. Waterproof, UV protected, yet easy to maintain. Their enclosures keep your electronics safe and can be used in many different places. They can be used in many dangerous environments, and withstand a lot of beating and abuse without risking the contents. Ideal for, for example, industrial control, IoT and building automation. Corrosion-free radio frequency transparent. Polycarbonate and enclosures are in their DNA. Do you need custom enclosures? Fibox manufactures everything from standard enclosures to customized solutions.



Superior performance and security in most demanding environments. Easy to use. Quick to install. All this is driven by innovation and market driven product development. ARCA is a viable and cost effective alternative to sheet steel cabinets being installed in harsh and demanding environments. In a nutshell, ARCA has all the features of steel but benefits of high grade thermoplastic.


MNX polycarbonate and ABS enclosures utilize world-class injection moulding technology. They are designed to house and protect all kinds of electrical and electronic components in the most demanding applications. The MNX includes more than 260 different variations.


Fibox JB electrical junction boxes are designed for indoor and outdoor use.
Enclosures are maintenance free and corrosion resistant.
Aesthetic design maximizing installation space – easy installation.
Membrane entries allow flexible cable entry options.



Fibox´s new ARCA non-metallic enclosures provide users of classic electrical junction boxes an easy upgrade path to a high performance enclosure featuring 21st century technology. Precision, injection molded, ARCA enclosures feature superior chemical resistance and the wide temperature utilization range of polycarbonate plastic. Available in classic sizes, these enclosures feature industry standard dimensions and panels.


Fibox cabinets are designed to enclosure and protect your equipment and devices in all conditions, even the harshest and most demanding environments. Fibox cabinets continually outperform conventional steel cabinets. The wide selection of Fibox plastic and polyester cabinets guarantees a perfect solution for every enclosure application. Fibox cabinets are available in polyester, polycarbonate and ABS.


Fibox inspection and protection windows gives safety and security for the delicate component while at the same time giving access for personnel to view and operate.