Fibox. Make difficult easy ®

More than 1000 standard enclosures and accessories to protect your equipment!

Fibox is a global leader in enclosing solutions, putting design and innovation at the forefront of everything they do. With our Nordic roots and headquartered in Finland since 1966, they create robust and industry-leading products and solutions, protecting power distributions, control systems, and electronic devices from the realities of their harsh surrounding elements and environments. Etm4u is a preferred reseller with many years of experience from the Fibox brand.


Superior performance and security in most demanding environments. Easy to use. Quick to install. All this is driven by innovation and market driven product development. ARCA is a viable and cost effective alternative to sheet steel cabinets being installed in harsh and demanding environments. In a nutshell, ARCA has all the features of steel but benefits of high grade thermoplastic.


MNX polycarbonate and ABS enclosures utilize world-class injection moulding technology. They are designed to house and protect all kinds of electrical and electronic components in the most demanding applications. The MNX includes more than 260 different variations.


Fibox JB electrical junction boxes are designed for indoor and outdoor use.
Enclosures are maintenance free and corrosion resistant.
Aesthetic design maximizing installation space – easy installation.
Membrane entries allow flexible cable entry options.