Quality Policy Etm4u



Etm4u’s quality work is an integrated part of our business operations and we do expect the same from our supply chain.  The purpose of our guidelines for quality policy is to describe Etm4u’s approach to quality issues.


Etm4u strives to surpass customer demands and expectations. Our customers shall always feel convinced to get the right products and services at the right times. Likewise we do offer products and services of the best possible quality and at the best achievable total cost. We wish to maintain a good and professional relation towards our owners, and secure that all employees are engaged in fulfilling the company quality policy, and contribute to improve this.

Organisational distribution of responsibility

The main responsibility for the quality policy stays with the managing director and is achieved by the different job descriptions.


Etm4u’s quality policy is normally revised by the company board once a year. The date and version number for each issue is indicated on the front page. The last update will always be available on our internal common server, and all employees are responsible to keep themselves updated.