Etm4u’s environmental work is an integrated part of our business operations and we do expect the same from our supply chain.  The purpose of our guidelines for environmental policy is to describe Etm4u’s work with environmental issues and our impact on the environment


Etm4u’s environmental policy indicates our desire to take our part of the responsibility for the environment and contribute to a sustainable evolution. The environmental activities shall be performed within the frames of our business concept, and be an integrated part of our performance. Through a high level of knowledge among our staff, and the continues search for new knowledge, we are able to achieve this goal.

Suppliers, products and services are chosen, that has a minimum impact on the environment as long as this is technically and economically expedient. An attitude where recycling and an economic view on natures resources is the basis of our business. By using efficient logistic solutions, products and services of high quality we efficient contribute to limit our consumption of energy and resources.

By fulfilling or surpassing the demands of the environmental laws and provisions, Etm4u will stimulate every part of our business chain act accordingly.

Social and environmental standards will be considered when new suppliers and partners are chosen.

Organisational distribution of responsibility

The main responsibility for the environmental policy stays with the management. At the same time everyone in the organisation has a responsibility to perform their work according to this policy, and keep themselves updated as the policy is revised.

Demands towards our supply chain

Etm4u’s guidelines for environmental policy is based on the essence of international acknowledged UN- and ILO-conventions, and indicates minimum- and not maximum standards. The legislation at the production sight is to be respected. Where national legislations cover the same issues, we will follow the highest standards.

ILO - International Labour Organization