Fluke. Keeping your world up and running ®

Since 1948, Fluke products are helping professionals across many applications - all built on a reputation for portability, ruggedness, safety, ease of use and rigid standards of quality.

Temperature can be a sign of incipient problems. Fluke thermal imaging cameras make it possible to identify problems before they become serious. Designed for continuous use in harsh industrial environments, Fluke has IR cameras for many different applications.


Digtal Multimeters

Fluke Digital Multimeters (DMMs) are on more tool belts, finding more problems, than any other test tools. Every Fluke Digital Multimeter gives you what you need: accurate measurements, consistent, reliable performance, attention to safety and the strongest warranty available.

Fluke Electrical Testers

Fluke's line of electrical testers, voltage detectors, continuity detectors, and circuit testers are designed for use in every application and in nearly any environment. The range includes open fork testers with FieldSense® technology (for getting voltage and current measurements without test leads).

Fluke Thermal Imaging Cameras

Get the infrared tools that are built on 65+ years of industrial experience. Each camera is built without compromise to the Fluke standard of “ruggedness, reliability and accuracy”. A wide range of models gives you the solution for your application.


Installation tester

Safety and performance are two of the most important requirements for any electrical system. High-quality insulation, proper earthing system and active protection of people, electrical systems and buildings against fatal electric shocks, fire and other damage to equipment. Protect devices, transmit results wirelessly, perform seven tests at the touch of a button. The Fluke 1664 FC Installation Tester is the only tester with insulation pretest. If the tester detects a connected device during testing, the insulation test is stopped, preventing accidental damage. With the 1664 FC, you also get Fluke Connect, so you can send test results to your smartphone and collaborate with others. Auto Test performs seven tests at the touch of a button, reducing the number of manual connections and reducing the risk of making mistakes.

Vibration meter

The Fluke 805 FC vibration meter, the reliable, repeatable and accurate way to check bearings and machine condition. Make important decisions with confidence. The Fluke 805 FC vibration meter is the most reliable vibration measurement equipment for mechanical investigation teams that need to be able to perform repeatable measurements of overall vibration, bearing condition and machine condition with severity scale. Using the Fluke Connect mobile app, managing your vibration survey workflow is now easier than ever. Thanks to the built-in machine profile functions, you can set machine profiles using the app and then send them directly to your 805 FC vibration meter.

Leak detection

Equipped with an array of microphones for an extended field of view, the handheld Fluke ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager enables maintenance teams to quickly and accurately locate air, gas and vacuum leaks in compressed air systems, even in noisy environments. The new SoundSight™ technology is specifically designed for noisy production facilities and is easy to learn and implement. The SoundMap™ map is superimposed on a visual image for quick leak identification directly on a 7-inch LCD touch screen. The simple, intuitive interface allows technicians to isolate the sound frequency of the leak and filter out loud background noise. The team can inspect the entire facility in just a few hours while production is in full swing. For the first time, you can quickly and easily identify the air leak repairs needed to ensure efficient operation and reduce electricity costs. Images can be saved and exported for reporting purposes.