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We Connect and Protect

nVent SCHROFF has been synonymous with innovation since it was founded in Germany in 1962, starting with the development of a euro board subrack system that helped make the 19” standard universal. nVent continues to pioneer electronic infrastructure for a wide range of applications today.  Recognized worldwide, nVent SCHROFF products meet national and international standards for electronics packaging.  Starting with our standards-based solutions, then modified or customized to meet the needs of your specific application, can save you time and money versus creating a proprietary solution

Schroff from Etm4u
Schroff from Etm4u
Schroff from Etm4u

Subrack, Cases and Front Panels

nVent SCHROFF subracks and 19" rack-mount chassis offer a flexible platform for military, telecom, railway as well as test and measurement applications. With a broad standard portfolio building on a modular platform, subracks and 19′′ rackmount chassis allow for a high degree of design flexibility to meet application requirements such as shock and vibration or EMC shielding.

Embedded Systems, Backplanes and PSUs

nVent has a wide selection of Open Standard Systems and Hardware Platform Management Solutions compliant with the PICMG and VITA Specifications.  Our Open Standard Systems feature modular and robust mechanical chassis, superior signal integrity to support the highest data transfer rates, excellent and proven cooling performance, and reliable hardware management.  


nVent SCHROFF is a global leader in designing and manufacturing electronics cabinet solutions offering a wide range of solutions from aesthetically pleasing, functional and simple electronic cabinets to high-frequency shielded, shock and vibration protected versions. 


Schroff nVent Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace and Defense


Systems are becoming smaller and more powerful, thereby driving the need for enhanced thermal dissipation.  nVent SCHROFF offers solutions to satisfy these SWaP (size, weight and power) trends for critical systems such as ATR’s, data recorders, mission computing systems, surveillance or payload management systems.

You can count on nVent SCHROFF for complete mechanical, electronic, and thermal solutions supported by a team of experienced engineers and test laboratories. We understand now more than ever the importance of component failure being a non-option.

From EMC and Seismic Cabinets to rugged subracks, capable of withstanding up to 60kg or 25G of shock, to SWaP friendly solutions to retain and cool printed circuit boards - we have you covered.


Schroff nVent Communication

Information And Communication Technology


Rapid deployment of dependable high-performance infrastructure plays a pivotal role in the telecommunication business. Whether it be equipment for wireless, wireline, edge computing, core network, or data center applications our modular product platforms can be tailored to exactly meet your needs. Coupled with our global manufacturing footprint and global support network, nVent is the ideal partner to support your telecommunication infrastructure deployments on-time, on budget locally around the globe.


Converging technologies, increasingly saturated markets, and merging business segments: More than ever before, communications equipment must be capable of rapid deployment ensuring interoperability with legacy and emerging technology platforms. With our deep engineering experience and our commitment to service and flexibility, we deliver innovative solutions that accommodate individual requirements on an accelerated timetable. Cutting-edge technology and complete electronics and mechanical manufacturing as well as integration services from nVent ensure the best return for your investment.



Schroff nVent Test and Measurement

Test and Measurement Solutions


Choosing the optimal hardware platform for your test system design can be a daunting task. At nVent, we understand this challenge well. For decades nVent SCHROFF has developed high-quality racks and enclosures for OEMs and end-users to protect the sensitive electronics that make up high-end test systems.


Whatever physical challenges your test system is faced with, be it reduced footprint, increased heat dissipation, or environments with shock & vibration, our technical experts are ready to collaborate to deliver the best solution for your application.


We are committed to supporting engineers, scientists, and researchers in developing innovative test systems that accelerate innovations such as 5G, autonomous driving, the Internet of Things, and network security.



Schroff nVent Energy Storage

Reliable Protection for Energy Storage


In today's rapidly evolving world, energy storage has emerged as a critical component of the global energy landscape. As the demand for clean, reliable, and sustainable power continues to soar, energy storage solutions have become essential for optimizing energy generation, enhancing grid stability, and facilitating the integration of renewable energy sources. At nVent SCHROFF we recognize the profound significance of energy storage and the pivotal role it plays in shaping a greener and more resilient future.


Schroff nVent Energy Storage

As we harness the power of energy storage, ensuring the safety and protection of the equipment becomes paramount. Our outdoor cabinets, indoor racks, and chassis provide the necessary enclosure and protection for the energy storage systems, safeguarding them from environmental elements, mechanical stresses, and potential hazards. With flexible dimensions and mounting options, our solutions support mounting of either first and second live batteries.

Discover the invaluable expertise that nVent SCHROFF brings to energy storage solutions and explore how we have helped customers safeguard and maintain optimal climate control for their energy storage systems. Whether in utilities, commercial and industrial buildings, or even homes, our solutions effectively protect and maximize the performance of energy storage systems.


Schroff nVent Datacenter

Data Center and Networking Solutions


The speed of changing technology creates significant new challenges for connecting and protecting data center and network infrastructure. Achievements of increased processing capacity, reducing data latency and reduced operational costs are met with both expected and unexpected consequences.

Multi-vendor systems create complexity. Busy connection pathways are stressed to their limits and new security threats emerge daily. Ever-expanding IT and communication requirements demand remote solutions at the edge of the network. The highest amount of data and network availability is crucial in today’s connected world. Our modular and broad portfolio combined with design and project support enables you to finalize your project on time and to ensure data and network availability.


Schroff nVent Railway

Railway and Transportation Solutions


For more than 60 years, nVent SCHROFF has been a world leader for innovative creation, development and manufacturing of electronics packaging for railway systems and technology.


Schroff from Etm4u

nVent Schroff pioneers electronic infrastructure

The Schroff brand contains a broad product portfolio from electronics cabinets, printed circuit board (PCB) accessories, such as card retainers and extractors, front panels and handles to subracks, cases, backplanes, power supplies, cabinets and pre-assembled chassis for embedded computing systems. The brand Schroff, which belongs to the business unit of nVent Technical Solutions, has been a world leader in electronic packaging for over five decades.