Weller. Your workbench deserves the best soldering technology ®

Technology for a lasting connection

The very lat­est sol­der­ing tech­nol­ogy, en­abling you to work quickly, ef­fec­tively and eco­nom­i­cally. Weller sol­der­ing sta­tions make every man­ual sol­der­ing pro­ce­dure safe – whether it is within the au­to­mo­tive in­dus­try, aero­space, mil­i­tary or med­ical tech­nol­ogy, whether for re­pairs, cir­cuit board as­sem­bly or met­al­work­ing.

WX Line - Performance

Sol­der­ing, des­ol­der­ing, hot air, with ex­cel­lent per­for­mance – and max­i­mum pro­duc­tiv­ity: The Per­for­mance Line rises to any chal­lenge.

WT Line - Technology

The ro­bust Tech­nol­ogy Line stands out thanks to the com­bi­na­tion of user-friend­li­ness and ease of use. This pro­vides an ideal price-per­for­mance ratio for sol­der­ing ap­pli­ca­tions.

WE Line - Efficiency

Sim­ple, ef­fi­cient, high-qual­ity – while con­cen­trat­ing on the es­sen­tial. With the Ef­fi­ciency Line, we offer op­ti­mal so­lu­tions for con­sis­tently cost-con­scious sol­der­ing ap­pli­ca­tions.

Providing clean air for your workplace.

Breathe clean air without dangerous fumes and particles. Weller filtration systems are specially designed for continuous use in industrial work environments. The high quality HEPA H13 filters clean the air from hazardous vapours, particles and viruses. Therefore, recirculating the clean air back into the workplace ensuring a safe work environment. The small footprint design fits under the bench to free up the operator workspace. At only 53db or below, Weller Zero Smog filtration units
keep the workplace quiet.

Feel the difference with Weller Erem. The proven choice. Every time.

Swiss made and manufactured, Weller Erem™ Precision Tools are designed to be strong, durable, sharp and have the highest precision available. Created especially for electronics assembly and healthcare, Weller Erem tools are built to last. The signature high-performance cutters set the industry standard by providing  over 1 million consistent precise and accurate operations. With state-of-the-art advanced features like Magic Spring™, High-Precision Screw Joint, and Maximum Opening Stop Technology, Weller Erem Precision Tools provide the longest durability, highest precision and best quality on the planet. Feel the difference with Weller Erem. The proven choice. Every time.